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Why this course?


Welcome to Building Estimation online training course. it is focused on practical application of Estimation using Architectural drawing & M.S Excel 

This course is a field oriented course and contains real examples and a full fledged real project for better understanding

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to Estimate Any Building Project (From Foundation To Finishing)

Course Curriculum

Foundation Part of the Building
Basic Introduction of the Building Estimation (17:00) Preview
Site Cleaning of the Plot (12:00) Preview
Excavation Work (17:00) Preview
Sand Filling & P.C.C. Work (18:00) Preview
Basic Excel Sheet for Beginners (first 4 points complete) (13:00) Preview
Footing Concrete Work (24:00) Preview
Footing Shuttering, Pedestal Column & Backfilling (24:00) Preview
All Drawings Pdf
All PDF's Download
Sub-Structure Part of the Building
Sub- Structure Part of the Building (20:00)
2. Ground Beam Layout Plan (1 pages)
Excel part For Sub-structure -1 (18:00)
Excel part For Sub-structure -2 (13:00)
Explanation Part for Plinth Filling & Floor P.C.C (3:00)
Explanation part for Area of Filling (6:00)
Animation video up to Floor P.C.C. (6:00)
Excel Part for Plinth filling & Floor P.C.C. (13:00)
Super-Structure Part of the Building
Explanation for Super-Structure Part (16:00)
3. Ground Floor Plan (1 pages)
Drawing Explanation for Super-Structure Part (49:00)
Excel Sheet for Super-Structure Part (44:00)
4. Slab & Slab Beam Drawing (1 pages)
Practical Video for Slab Formwork Procedure (7:00)
Explanation of Slab Beam Concrete (12:00)
Explanation of Slab Beam Shuttering (17:00)
Slab Beam Shuttering Section Diagram with Excel Sheet (42:00)
Explanation of Slab Concrete & Shuttering (9:00)
Staircase Concrete (22:00)
Practical Video for Dog - Legged Staircase Procedure (8:00)
Staircase Shuttering (9:00)
Entrance Staircase (7:00)
Excel Sheet for Staircase & Entrance Steps (12:00)
Finishing Work of the Building
Overview of Plastering Work (22:00)
Explanation of 6mm & 12mm Plastering Work (33:00)
Explanation of 15mm Inner & Outer Plastering Work with Solution (22:00)
Explanation of Painting Work With Excel Sheet (13:00)
Door & Aluminium window Work
Overview of Aluminium Window (8:00)
Explanation of Aluminum Window (Part-1) (4:00)
Explanation of Aluminum Window (Part-2) (6:00)
Explanation Aluminium Window (Part-3) (3:00)
Explanation of Aluminium Window (Part-4) (13:00)
Excel Sheet for Aluminium Window (16:00)
5. Door Elevation Drawing (1 pages)
Explanation of Door Frame (14:00)
Explanation of Door Shutter (9:00)
Excel Sheet for Door Frame, Door Shutter & Door Fitting Items (20:00)
Flooring Work
Explanation of Flooring Details (9:00)
Explanation of Tiles Details (5:00)
6. Flooring Details Drawing (1 pages)
Explanation of Kota Stone With Excel Sheet (10:00)
Explanation of Vitrified Tiles with Excel Sheet (17:00)
Explanation of Granite With Excel Sheet (11:00)
Explanation of Ceramic Tiles With Excel Sheet (11:00)
Window Grill
Window Grill Site Video (2:00)
7. Window Grill Details (1 pages)
Explanation of Window Grill (Part-1) (5:00)
Explanation of Window Grill (Part-2) (7:00)
Explanation of Window Grill (Part-3) (7:00)
Explanation of Window Grill (Part-4) (9:00)
Excel Sheet for Window Grill (11:00)
Bill of Quantity
Introduction video for Bill of Quantity (3:00)
SOR_CG_PWD_BUILDING_ 01.012015 (218 pages)
Introduction video for Schedule of Rates (18:00)
Earthwork (Bill of Quantity) (19:00)
Cement concrete (Plain & Reinforced) (21:00)
Reinforcement & Formwork (17:00)
Brickwork (Bill of Quantity) (12:00)
Plastering Work (Bill of Quantity) (8:00)
Painting Work (Bill of Quantity) (11:00)
Steel & Aluminum Work (Bill of Quantity) (11:00)
Flooring (Bill of Quantity) (10:00)
Wood Work (Bill of Quantity) (22:00)
Practice Drawing

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