Bar Bending Schedule Calculation

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Course Curriculum

Basic Introduction About BBS
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Basic Introduction About BBS (11:00) Preview
Understanding the Concept of BBS (2:00) Preview
Basic Specification Of Bar (8:00) Preview
How To Read Symbols In Drawing (7:00) Preview
How To Find Out Cutting Length (12:00)
Lapping Length & Development Length (15:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Stirrup
BBS Of Rectangular Stirrup (9:00)
BBS of Circular Stirrup (3:00)
BBS of Triangular Stirrup (6:00)
BBS of Diamond Stirrup (5:00)
Understanding Concept of BEND DEDUCTION
Details About Bend Deduction (10:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Footing
Bar Bending Schedule of Footing (20:00)
Site Visit for Footing Details (11:00)
Bar Bending Schedule of Double Mesh Footing (29:00)
Site Visit for Double Mesh Footing (3:00) Preview
Chair Bar Calculatio (11:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Column
Bar Bending Schedule of Column (23:00)
Site Visit for Column Detail (4:00)
Site Visit for Column Lap -1 (3:00)
Site Visit for Column Lap - 2 (7:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Beam
Bar Bending Schedule of Simply Supported Beam (15:00)
Bar Bending Schedule of Continuous Beam (18:00)
Site Visit for Beam Details (6:00)
Site Visit for Hidden Beam (3:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Slab
How To Calculate Crank Length (7:00)
Calculation of One Way Slab (33:00)
Site Visit for One Way Slab (26:00) Preview
One Way Slab Animation (2:00)
Two Way Slab
Understanding Two Way Slab (19:00)
Two Way Slab Calculation (36:00)
Two Way Slab Site Visit (13:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Pile
Bar Bending Schedule Of Pile (15:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Pile Cap (17:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Staircase
Bar Bending Schedule Of Staircase (34:00)

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