Bar Bending Schedule Calculation

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Why this course?


This course is especially designed as per building structure requirements. We cover the following topics:

  • Introductory phase covers, Reinforcement, its necessity.
  • IS Code Provisions.
  • Bar bending Schedule for each Structural Elements such as:
  • BBS of Footing
  • BBS of Column
  • BBS of Beam
  • BBS of one-way slab
  • BBS of Two-way slab
  • BBS of Staircase
  • BBS of Chajja
  • BBS of Pile and pile cap
  • BBS of Sunken slab

The above topics will be discussed with on-site videos & animation which results, visualization become easy and interactive for better understanding.


  • Finding out cutting length and No. of Bar for Structural Members by Manually Calculation.
  • Finding out cutting length and No. of Bar for Structural Members by Excel Format.
  • Providing excel format for each members Slab, Column, Beam, Footing etc.
  • Providing excel format for Different types of stirrups.
  • In excel format You can calculate cutting length and no. of bar very easily, put the value from structural drawing and get the Answer in excel sheet.

In this BBS course module you will easily able to understand the exact quantity of steel required for construction.



  • SCOPES“Bar Bending Schedule” subject accelerates you to contribute as an BBS Engineer, Site Engineer & also value added to Site Execution work, Billing work, Valuation work & Tendering work which results in Confidence to the next level & many successful career ways in Civil Engineering.

Course Curriculum

Basic Introduction About BBS
Welcome to Bar Bending Schedule (7:00)
All Drawing PDF's Download
Basic Introduction About BBS (11:00) Preview
Understanding the Concept of BBS (2:00) Preview
Basic Specification Of Bar (8:00) Preview
How To Read Symbols In Drawing (7:00) Preview
How To Find Out Cutting Length (12:00)
Lapping Length & Development Length (15:00)
IS Code for Bar Bending Schedule
Bar Bending Schedule Of Stirrup
BBS Of Rectangular Stirrup (9:00)
BBS of Circular Stirrup (3:00)
BBS of Triangular Stirrup (6:00)
BBS of Diamond Stirrup (5:00)
Understanding Concept of BEND DEDUCTION
Details About Bend Deduction (10:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Footing
Bar Bending Schedule of Footing (20:00)
Site Visit for Footing Details (11:00)
Bar Bending Schedule of Double Mesh Footing (29:00)
Site Visit for Double Mesh Footing (3:00) Preview
Chair Bar Calculatio (11:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Column
Site Visit for Column Detail (4:00)
Bar Bending Schedule of Column (23:00)
Site Visit for Column Lap -1 (3:00)
Site Visit for Column Lap - 2 (7:00)
Bar Bending Schedule of Column with Lap (34:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Beam
Bar Bending Schedule of Simply Supported Beam (15:00)
Bar Bending Schedule of Continuous Beam (18:00)
Site Visit for Beam Details (6:00)
Site Visit for Hidden Beam (3:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Slab
How To Calculate Crank Length (7:00)
Derivation of Crank Length (9:00)
Calculation of One Way Slab (33:00)
Site Visit for One Way Slab (26:00) Preview
One Way Slab Animation (2:00)
Two Way Slab
Understanding Two Way Slab (19:00)
Two Way Slab Calculation (36:00)
Two Way Slab Site Visit (13:00)
Sunken Slab
Bar Bending Schedule of Sunken Slab (10:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Pile
Bar Bending Schedule Of Pile (15:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Pile Cap (17:00)
Bar Bending Schedule of Chajja
Chajja Model Study (9:00)
Bar Bending Schedule of Chajja (16:00)
Bar Bending Schedule Of Staircase
Bar Bending Schedule Of Staircase (34:00)
Practice Drawing
Practice Drawing

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